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We want to make the dirt world a better place.

BuildWitt is a media and consulting group dedicated to making the dirt world a better place. People aren’t flocking to the dirt world like they are to tech or banking. Why? First is the perception problem. The outside world doesn’t understand that mining and construction exist, let alone provide amazing and fulfilling careers. Second is the people problem. People are viewed as disposable in the dirt world. Both of these issues need to change -- that’s where we come in.
How are we making the dirt world a better place? We’re partnering with the most forward-thinking companies in heavy construction and mining and solving whatever problems they face. Partnering is a key term here -- we’re not here to make a quick buck. We’re here to understand who they are, understand their businesses at an intimate level, and treat their businesses as if they’re our own.
What makes them forward-thinking? They treat their people right, heavily train, invest in the latest technology and iron, are conscious about their business practices, and have no issue with sharing their work or celebrating their people. They move a lot of dirt too.
Why do they partner with BuildWitt? We help them tell their real stories, operate more consciously, and find more great people for their teams. No BS or fluff involved. Sounds like fun? That's because it is. We love what we do.